chronicles I told

It was all good in the beginning

A brand new narrative in the making

I liked you but it was cool

Exciting, just cos it was new

I told


When the novelty wore off,

I could sense

Just realizing my circumstance

For me you were the first,

the only one

But I was more like 21


It was still good after it began

A little more of this world to understand

Put the seatbelt on my heart then

You shouldn’t possibly be the only one

I told


Then one day you said you loved me

Of the warpy sort modern romance brings

I thought sure, warpy, then of course

With an adjunct, completely harmless to endorse


With time the adjunct was renounced

Solely for convenience’s sake I pronounced

With more, it started to feel normal

A light custom, of heavy words made habitual


It still seemed good presently

I had little doubts of its normalcy

Just on with how many such normalcies are there

But who was I to care

I told


Eventually such words need not even be said

A special and secure bond, at least that’s what he said

Just like that he crept in closer

Just like that, the creeper got deeper


With time it got a little harder

With more time a little clearer

That it wasn’t love, it’s clear to see

But there was nowhere else I wanted to be


It was all good I repeated

He wasn’t some one that I needed

By my choice, a world I adopted

Retrieve all my feelings, anytime I wanted

I told


I used to be good at leaving love

A skill I secretly pride myself of

When I finally attempted to bail

The more I try the harder I fail


With time it brought more pain

All on my side, all in my mind

Realizing I can’t seem to leave you

How I wished that I could hurt you


It wasn’t good but I had to be

I found distractions, replacements possibly

It was easy surprisingly

As a game, how easy it was to beat


But I never liked playing any games though

Its meanings or rewards, I never know

Then if anything it made me see

This was not how I wanted to be


With time, it in itself a cure

A heart and mind can become mature

No more distractions or hopeless love

I loved life the way it was


It was all good in the end

Parted our ways and still friends

Apart of me I will always accept

A story with no regrets

I told

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